USA Dance (Southern Minnesota) Chapter #2017

About Us

About USA Dance

USA Dance (formerly USABDA) was formed in 1965 to promote the acceptance of ballroom dancing into the Olympics. Since 1987 it has functioned as the sole governing body for all forms of amateur ballroom dancing in the United States. They organize and foster educational programs among the public about the healthful aspects of recreational ballroom dancing and DanceSport, the competitive form of ballroom dancing. Emphasis is placed on the physical, mental, and social benefits, and includes the expansion of ballroom dancing skills among the aged, young people, and the handicapped.

We are the Southern Minnesota Chapter, a division of the larger national organization. We exist to dance! Our local chapter was formed in 1993 as a not-for-profit organization to promote and sponsor amateur ballroom dancing. The Southern Minnesota Chapter of USA Dance welcomes people from all walks of life, of all ages, and without discrimination.

We have a wonderful group, with new members joining each month. We work hard to see that everyone who dances with us is enthralled by the luxurious music and hope they will be thrilled to be part of this energetic organization.

There are more dance activities in Rochester and southern Minnesota now than there have been for many years. High school students eagerly learn and participate in swing and ballroom dancing. Weekly dance classes are popping up all over the area. Even if you've never been a dancer, with our dance workshops and complimentary lessons, you can be part of the expanding dance scene.

Join us at our next dance! Whether you're an experienced dancer or have just a mild interest, we'll provide the atmosphere for a wonderful evening!